the players. episode I: the bathroom
a multi-lineal animation made with MIDIPoet

how to perform "the players":

1. download MIDIPoet

2. download "the players" and unzip to a new folder

3. start MIDIPoet player, and choose "the players" from your new folder

4. control the animation using the following keys:

ctrl-a: birth scene
ctrl-b: birth scene - reverse
ctrl-c: running around (both)
ctrl-d: running around (both, drunk)
ctrl-e: running around (both, random)
ctrl-f: running around (only player1)
ctrl-g: running around (player1, reverse)
ctrl-h: player1 staring at the void
ctrl-i: player2 rescues player1 (back and forth)
ctrl-j: player2 walking in front of a mirror
ctrl-k: player2 stops to look at himself
ctrl-l: player2 thinks he is a roulette
ctrl-m: player2 staring at the lake below
ctrl-n: player2 dreams he is a sailor
ctrl-o: player2 dives and falls from the boat
ctrl-p: player2 is dead
ctrl-q: player1 commits suicide
ctrl-r: player1 commits suicide (reverse)
ctrl-s: birth scene (alternative, back and forth)
ctrl-w: final credits
ctrl-x: psychedelic effect
ctrl-y: back to normal (from effects)
ctrl-z: psychedelic effect 2