.media trash
.recycled (a cheap introduction)

..the industrial revolution, and whatever came next, triggered the age of splendour of trash. physiscal trash has evolved and multiplied ever since, aided greatly by consumerism. we are up to our neck in it.
..modern capitalism has taught us that anything can become trash. even objects that once were held precious or valuable.
..modern capitalism is teaching us that almost everything that was trash can be recycled. but only when the recycled product can be of some (commercial) value.
..media trash is trash generated by the media. movies/tv shows/commercials/music equivalent to plastic bottles/wrappers/plastic diapers/clothing tags -- just something (a container? a gimmick?) that is used to sell other something (food? water? security? status?), and then thrown away.
..media trash is the name of a series of video performances in which TV commercials are recycled (thanx to the digital machine) and used to generate (new?) images -- low quality, pixelated images that breathe new life into the older, forgotten (really?) analog images.
..low quality (lowest possible quality) jpeg frames, put together as sequences that may or may not resemble the original material (low quality = trash? --> well, remember, even an expensive car can become trash (what does quality mean?))
..these images were once used to sell a physical product, in this case plastic diapers. the images, and the diapers they helped to sell, have become trash now (and where are the babies now? -- are (were) they real?)
..media trash (the video performance) adheres to the recycling philosophy (don't generate new throw-away material, recycle!)
..sorry, more trash is generated in the process (this page, for example) -- it seems we can't help it.
..the media trash video performance is a growing project -- finding new trash to recycle, performing it in different ways each time.
..the recycled media pieces are composed/performed using MIDIPoet software
..so, what happened after the industrial revolution?
..media trash is generated by the media, and recycled used a PC, 128 Mb RAM, Pentium processor and MIDIPoet software (Win98/Me/2000/XP)
..media trash is global
.thank you for your attention
.eugenio tisselli cubo23@motorhueso.net >someplace between mexico city and barcelona<

.......................download media_trash episode 1!!!!!

baby.zip (800 kb)
instructions: extract all files from .zip (you will get a MIDIPoet .mip file and 255 jpg's) to the same folder. open baby.mip with MIDIPoet player, and use keys a-i to play around with this lovely diaper commercial. don't forget to press "ctrl" key together with keys a-i. fun, baby!

-------------->now!! episode 2 ready for download!!!!!

ama.zip (1.4 Mb)
instructions: extract all files from .zip (you will get a MIDIPoet .mip file and 360 jpg's) to the same folder. open ama.mip with MIDIPoet player, use keys a-f (together with ctrl key) to get the dishes clean in no time! every modern housewife should have it!

-------------->stay tuned!!!

and now!!!! sit back, relax, kick off your shoes... it's showtime! media_trash presents a non-interactive spectacle remix, featuring the words of guy debord, that slippery freak! the text is in spanish, but i'm sure all you non-spanish speakers will enjoy too...

show.zip (1.4 Mb)

instructions: extract all files from .zip (you will get a MIDIPoet .mip file and a lot of jpg's) to the same folder. open show.mip with MIDIPoet player and just play it.

-------------->now!!! new and improved media trash!!!

hey ladies! turn those nasty leg hairs into bright, colorful pixels!!

ladyshave.zip (800 Kb)

instructions: extract all files from .zip to a new folder. open ladyshave.mip with MIDIPoet player, and use these keys for a perfect shave:
ctrl-u: shave up
ctrl-d: shave down
ctrl-l: shave left
ctrl-r: shave right
ctrl-a: change zone
ctrl-b: action!
ctrl-c: psychedelic effect!
ctrl-s: stop shaving
ctrl-z: surprise ending...

-------------->finally!!! a man doing housework!!!

well, it might actually take two of them to do the job...

splush.zip (900 Kb)

instructions: extract all files from splush.zip to the same folder. open splush.mip with MIDIPoet player. keys a-h, together with ctrl key, will do the cleaning!

-------------->here it is!! the latest one!!

get ready for fragmented sillyness... and learn media trash's best kept secret: stupidity sells!

mensos.zip (1 Mb)

instructions: extract files from mensos.zip to the same folder, and open mensos.mip with MIDIPoet player. play around with keys ctrl-a through ctrl-g. and save ctrl-h for the end.

-------------->welcome to the media trash lounge... make yrself at home!