we slice the world

a midipoet performance by eugenio tisselli

wild buffalo version @ epoetry 2011, buffalo, ny
take by chris funkhouser


comic linger apartment cash the belongings
in the bloodshed to mellow a screening activity
the opening slight track in the carnage
informative monetary worth and stake as like
citizenship end for enlightening financial
distance is an invitation
rise up warrior rise up
the world is what is done in it
the median of reading and vehicle in the ham
uniformity is as pale as moonlight
annihilation of a perfect diagnosis in the middle
massacre of the splendid mother
these grow in the shadows
distributed communities of tears
occupy spawn diffuse neighborhood
guy transplant and envelop scheme filler
give us not borders
viable dependence crosswise royal selvage
upright within possibility assurance
sucking up god whole
o mighty escalator
feel the power of navigation at home

rage against tourism version, intervocàlica, barcelona 2011.
camera by joana moll