regenerative is the second part of the degenerative experiment, in which a web page became increasingly corrupted each time it was visited. in the regenerative web page, text degenerates with each visit, but it also attempts to regenerate itself by trying to extract some text from the refering page. if extraction succeeds, the new text is implanted within the degenerating text and becomes part of it. this gives way to a cycle of degeneration-regeneration.

in the previous experiment, some questions were asked: repeated viewing can kill? are our eyes predators of their targets?

now, we can ask some new ones: does everything we see contain a part of us? maybe what we see is only a reflection of ourselves. is our own self the only image we can see?

so, if our eyes are predators of their targets, then seeing is an act of self-destruction. the part of ourselves contained in that which we see is slowly killed with every view.

every time you visit this page, the text gets corrupted. but if you link to this page from another one, a piece of text extracted from the refering page will be implanted within the degenerating text.
this new regenerating tissue is a part of you. it comes from the same place as you. it becomes a part of the degenerating tissue.

will the new tissue become a tumor? will this page regenerate faster than it degenerates?

this page will not regenerate at all if no one creates a link to it.

seeing (and linking) is not an innocent act.

does everything contain the seed of its own destruction? does everything we see contain a part of us?

self-destruction, self-regeneration -- endless cycle.