MIDIPoet - Composer - General properties of a composition.

To specify the general properties of a composition, choose Composition --> Properties from the menu.

The general properties of a composition are:


Area (X,Y) -- Indicates the X and Y measures (expressed in pixels) of the composition's area. This is the area inside which all the composition's events will occur.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the algorithms used by MIDIPoet, smaller areas will improve the composition's performance. Please experiment with different area sizes to achieve the desired results.

Position -- If the composition's area is smaller than the screen's resolution (for example, if the area measures 640x480 pixels and the screen measures 1024x768), the position indicates the X,Y coordinates of the composition's area, relative to the top left corner of the screen. Thus, a position of 0,0 will place the composition's area at the top left corner of the display. Below the position fields, there are two checkboxes titled "center X" and "center Y". If these boxes are checked, the composition's area will automatically appear at the center of the screen.

Images path -- If the checkbox labeled "Search images in same folder" is marked, all the images included in the composition should be located in the same folder as the composition. If this checkbox is unmarked, MIDIPoet will search for the images at their original location.