MIDIPoet - Composer - Images

The option "Window --> Images" on the menu will let you choose the images included in the composition. The following screen will appear:

The necessary fields for specifying the images' path are found on the left side of this screen. Once a path containing image files has been chosen, all the images found in the path will be shown in the list below. MIDIPoet can read bmp, jpg and gif images. The desired images can be selected from this list, and included in the composition's image bank by pressing the "Add >>" button.

On the right side of the screen, the images that form the composition's image bank are shown, but not in their actual size; they are scaled to fit the screen. Each image is shown along with its name; these names will be used later to identify them and use them in image events. The full image's name and path, and its X and Y measures (in pixels) will be shown on the lower side of the screen when an image is clicked. To see all the included images, use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.

Images located in different paths can be used in the same composition, but bear in mind that:
-- If the checkbox "Search in same path" on the general properties secreen is checked, every selected image must be in the composition's path.
-- If this box is not marked, the images will be searched for at their original paths.

To remove one or many images from the composition's bank, click on the first image you want to remove and press the "Del" key. A screen will appear, asking for the last image to delete. This allows you to delete a single image or a sequence of images.