MIDIPoet - Composer - MIDI Output

MIDIPoet can generate MIDI output messages, which can be useful to communicate with other programs or any device capable of reading MIDI messages. MIDI output events are used to generate Note or Control Change output messages during a piece's performance. The output port through which these events will be sent will be chosen before the piece is played.

In the following diagram, Note Out MIDI message will be generated after time 0.

The "+" sign indicates that the event is cyclic; this means the note will be generated repeatedly after time 0.

This is the MIDI output events' screen:

The MIDI output message type (Note or Control Change) is specified here, along with its channel (1-16) and parameters. If the message type is note, a note (0-127) and its velocity (0-127) must be specified. If the message is a Control Change, the control (0-127) and its value (0-127) must be specified.

MIDI ouput events can be cyclic; this can be specified by marking the "Cyclic event" chackbox and specifying the frequency value: a numeric value, or a MIDI table from which a frequency value will be taken.