MIDIPoet - Composer - MIDI Input

One of the most important features of MIDIPoet is its capability to receive MIDI input and activate text/image events according to the message received. Specifically, MIDIPoet can read Note On and Note Off messages, coming through any MIDI channel. The input MIDI port will be chosen prior the performance of a piece.

Ranges are used to specify the notes that activate events. In each range, a lower and upper note are specified; any note received inside the range will trigger the MIDI Input block's children. It is also necessary to specify a MIDI channel, and whether the received message should be Note On or Note Off.

In the following diagram, starting at time 100, notes between 10 and 60 will activate the events (t1,t2 and back).

To edit the MIDI input range, double click the MIDI input block (green). The following screen will appear.

This screen allows the specification of all the information regarding the incoming MIDI messages: the channel (1-16), Lower note (0-127), Upper note(0-127) and message type (Note On or Note Off)

The keyboard in the upper part of the screen may be useful to choose a note and find its corresponding MIDI value.