MIDIPoet - Composer - Conditionals

MIDIPoet events can be triggered not only by external impulses (keyboard or MIDI input), but also by internal conditions. Through the use of conditionals, MIDIPoet checks whether a specific attribute of a text or image area, or the screen background, meet certain conditions. For instance:

Starting at time 100 (t=100), if the "a" key is pressed and the "back" condition is met, the events "t1" and "t2" occur.

The ?back? condition asks an internal question regarding a specific attribute of an element or area in the composition. (the screen background in this case)
By double clicking the conditional block (light blue), the following screen will appear:

In this example, if the "red" attribute of the screen background is "equal to 0", the conditional block's children will become active. If this condition is not met, they remain inactive. In general, if a condition has a TRUE value, the block's children will be active; if it is FALSE they remain inactive.

Conditionals can be constructed by asking specific questions about the different attributes of the composition's elements: text areas, image areas and the screen background. The valid comparison operators are:

Equal to
Greater than (numeric values)
Smaller than (numeric values)
Different from
Between (numeric values) -- This operator requires two values: the lower and upper limits to which the attribute's value will be compared.